Adolescent and Family Counseling

Counseling for Teens & Families

The adolescent years are confusing and exploratory. It’s a time of growth and development for the brain, body, identity, and social life. I offer a safe space for teens to feel seen, heard, and understood. I work with teens to develop coping skills to help them navigate symptoms of trauma, anxiety, depression, and daily challenges. We will process their emotions and work on what feels important to them.

Being the parent of a teen is not easy either. The relationship between a parent and an adolescent changes during this developmental period, and it is a difficult weight for caregivers to carry. I work with families in conjunction with adolescent clients if that is desired. In family therapy, I help family members learn to find gratitude for one another, understand and accept one another for who they are, to navigate conflict with more compassion, and identify patterns that are toxic for individuals and the family system as opportunities for change.

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I believe that the foundation of counseling is in the therapeutic relationship. I will provide a secure space free of judgment for you to share your story. Please contact me, and we will work together to help you learn ways to become an agent of change in your own life.

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