Athletes and Outdoor Educators

Counseling for athletes and outdoor Instructors

I know firsthand the pressures that both athletes and outdoor educators face. It can be challenging to navigate the balance of work, family, and trying to train for races or find time for that self-care trail run. It can be disheartening to piece together seasonal work as an outdoor educator or guide. Injuries challenge us emotionally and physically. Finding community in a transient lifestyle can be isolating.

I’d love to help you along your journey as a hard-working and driven person facing the challenges that your passions throw at you and learning to approach them from a place of compassion.

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I believe that the foundation of counseling is in the therapeutic relationship. I will provide a secure space free of judgment for you to share your story. Please contact me, and we will work together to help you learn ways to become an agent of change in your own life.

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