Mountain Biking Workshops & Groups

Intermediate Mountain Biking and Mindfulness Workshop

At this clinic, we will:

  • Learn and enhance intermediate mountain biking skills
  • Practice living more fully in the present
  • Increase your capacity for handling stress while learning to work through the threat response with more confidence
  • Practice intentionally connecting to your body
  • Learn techniques to find balance in your central nervous system
  • Learn the difference between a perceived and actual threat and ways to work through fear while riding
  • Practice and reflect on the experience of being vulnerable and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone safely
  • Have fun!

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about the workshop:

The workshop is being held by Sara Hunter, LCMHC, PMBIA Level 1 Coach and Sommerville Johnston, LCMHC, SEP.

When: October 14th - 16th (starts at noon on 10/14)
Where: DuPont State Forest
For Who: Adult women age 21+ (including trans, femme, non-binary, BIPoC, and cisgender women)
Price: $485 (includes all facilitation and any park fees. Does not include meals, gear rental, or transportation)

The clinic is for you if:

You are comfortable at slower speeds on blue (intermediate) trails with roots/rocks and tight single track and have the ability to ride at least 5 miles in two hours. Some trails in WNC that meet this criteria include Hardtimes Connector and Explorer Loop in Bent Creek and Ridgeline in DuPont.

You are ready to learn or get more experience with:

  • Cornering
  • Wheel lifts
  • Climbing and descending steeper technical terrain

You have a solid foundation of beginner mountain biking skills including:

  • Basic Body Positioning
    • Climbing position
    • Downhill neutral position
    • Downhill ready position
  • Trail scanning and line choice
  • Braking safely
  • Shifting

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